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Power umbilical

Kang E Islands are part of the Indonesian archipelago,located 120 km north of Bali and 120 km east of Madura Island Java Sea.

Ningbo Orient and Indonesia BLT group had signed a contract in 2010, design, manufacture and provide a power umbilical cable for connecting Brotojoyo FPSO and unmanned drilling platform located in the Kangean is lands and the total length is over 1km.

BLT group is Indonesia's biggest shipping company. It has branches all over the world. Have nearly hundred ships of million-ton. The company asset is $10 billion, and Indonesia BLT is the world famous Shell Oil Company main product carriers, with over a dozen years
experience in transport of chemical liquids and gases.

Whole root dynamic power umbilical cables hanging laying, and at the same time through a special anchoring devices at both ends fixed on platforms and on the FPSO. Umbilical cables system as a whole includes both anti - bending at the FPSO turret anchoring device and power
cord cable submarine fixed the dynamic part of the fixture. Power cord end j - tube fixed to the cable platform on unmanned oil platforms.

Our technicians provided the specific recommendations to the owners during the design process based on power umbilical applications and using environment to facilitate owners early in the design of comprehensive consideration to enhance the overall stability of the entire system.

The company sent the professional engineers and technical personnel to provide full track technical guidance, detailed laying plan and the necessary considerations during power umbilical cable installation, to ensure the construction is smoothly and the dynamic cable construction without prejudice through onsite guide to meet the requirement of 25 - year design life.

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