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Renewable energy umbilical

Zhoushan island is in the East China Sea of Zhejiang Province. It has more than 1390 islands and has a total area of 22,200 km2, Among which land area is 1371 km2. Guanshan is located in Daishan of the Zhoushan Islands.

Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co., Ltd. has signed a contract in 2010 with Harbin Engineering University. Orient designed, manufactured and provided 863 plan of guanshan area of tidal power generation project DC 600V 2x400 mm2 cable. The total length is 1km.

Harbin Engineering University, the PLA military engineering Institute was founded in 1953, "The military ", is now part of the people's Republic of China Ministry of industry and inion technology, national defense, the Ministry of education, the Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy, the Heilongjiang provincial government building of the Quartet. It's China's " three sea a nuclear " shipbuilding, naval equipment, marine development, application of nuclear energy and other areas important for personnel training and scientific research base.

The whole cable adopts the Lazy-s linear and connected test power catamaran boat and shore - based variable - pressure energy storage devices. The test power catamaran boat attached to the seabed with four anchor chain. The entire dynamic cabling system bounded by twin test generation ship anchoring device for anchoring, and against bending and harbor the retention fixture.

The entire system used many accessories to ensure the stability and reliability of the cable during linear maintaining and running. Such as the test power catamaran boat anchored on the platform device; dynamic cable against bending under hull ; submarine fixed clamp ; submarine hit the ground end of bending limit etc.

Most of the accessories of the entire system were designed by us, based on its application characteristics to select specific parameters and targeted development. Be better in tidal power generation system to facilitate such adverse environments as high velocity large waves.

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