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Engineering Case

Thermoplastic hose umbilical

YC13-4 gas field CNNOC is located in the Northern South China Sea, the average water depth is 85 meters,It's about 72km from the southwest of Yacheng city Hainan.

Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co., Ltd. has signed a contract in 2010 with CNOOC. Orient designed, manufactured and provided a roduction platform for Yacheng YC13-4 gas field and used for testing of 9 cores hose composite of two dynamic umbilical power cables.


YC13-4 gas field is primarily composed of the main field and "South peak ". The distance between YC13-4 AWA platform is 13.85km and the water depth is approx 81.3 - 89.5 m.

The dynamic part of umbilical cable adopts the Lazy-s linear, The whole umbilical system includes both anti - bending at the hang-off and clamp for fixed umbilical cables dynamic platform. The umbilical cables through the J- tube fixed on the platform.

The umbilical has the internal composite hose. Be aware of cabling radial pressure to avoid hoses damaged in the cabling process. Our retreat-spiraling cabling machine load detection sensor equipment at the top to ensure production umbilical smoothly.


The whole umbilical cable for testing adopted double steel wire armored and the armoring process was completed at one time to avoid the umbilical cable damage caused by a number of armored tension ensured the normal design and service life of the umbilical.


Production Equipment

Retreat – spiraling Cable Machine Six - side traction device
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